Catalyst 2017


With LOVE FIRST, you are a Catalyst for change!

Thanks to you, thanks to all of the Seattle Catalysts, who helped us reach a defining moment in giving a record-breaking $2.2 million — and counting — to transform our city!

Your generous support will help homeless people like Wendy and Joel, who turned to drugs to numb the pain.

“I felt worthless. My mind kept returning to the idea that taking my life was the best thing for everyone. I felt that I was nothing but a useless drunk and addict and would never be anything else,” said Wendy.

Men and women struggling with abuse, addiction, and homelessness have stories to tell that go deeper than any statistic can. With embracing arms we offer a path to discover fullness of life as they take their courageous first steps into freedom.

“I needed a radical change. Seattle's Union Gospel Mission was where that change happened. Because they didn’t give up on me. Because you didn’t give up on me. Today, I have 496 days clean and sober and I am now in the graduate internship program,” said Wendy.

Thank you for responding with LOVE FIRST to transform our city!

For a limited time, you can order your $100 commemorative Glassybaby votive as a lasting reminder that to be a catalyst for change, it takes LOVE FIRST.


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