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Since 2013, the Washington State Legislature recognized that street gang activities are a serious problem that threatens the long-term economic, social and public safety of our communities.

One of the primary reasons youth join gangs is because they want to belong to a group or a community.

The Mission is uniquely positioned to aid in the effort to decrease gang activity and provide an alternative path for young men in the Rainier Valley.

Transforming lives through urban inspired furniture designs

118 Designs FurnitureYoung men in our 118 Designs program transform broken and discarded lumber into quality, urban inspired, one-of-a-kind furniture. 

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"With Jesus at our core, we endeavor to work through the damage of our own lives in order to be restored and transformed into something beautiful," shares Bobby Martin, Director of 118 Designs.

118 Designs strategically partners with a green home builder in Seattle to utilize salvaged lumber in our wood shop. Beautiful things are coming out of our efforts, giving new life to objects once deemed worthless.

Do you want to learn more? Check out our catalog or get in touch with Bobby — 206.432.8442 or bmartin@ugm.org.

Reaching young men in Seattle

Our program works with young men (ages 13 — 26) in the Rainier Valley to decrease gang membership, specifically in the 98118 neighborhood.

Each year, more men are transitioning out of gang life to live a life rooted in Christ. Through our efforts and key partnerships, we're making a positive impact in the community of South Seattle.

Services we provide

We provide discipleship and job training opportunities for young men targeted and recruited by gangs.

Our 118 Designs program offers:

  • Internships
  • Technical job skills training
  • Workplace environment education
  • Business and entrepreneurial classes
  • Leadership and role model opportunities
  • Mentors and counseling services
  • Accountability and drug testing
  • Bible studies

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Help young men targeted by gangs make a positive change in their life.

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