Transitional housing

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing provides low-cost living and support for women making a fresh start.

It's the last step towards restoration and independence for those who've faced and overcome immense challenges.

  • The emotional scars of abuse
  • The challenges of overcoming addiction
  • Years without work history from living on the streets

Addiction recovery opens their eyes to a bright new future. Transitional housing empowers them as they take their final steps towards freedom.

Transitional housing gives women a place to live for up to 2 years in Kent, West Seattle and North Seattle.

How transitional housing works

We don't just provide housing. Women work full or part-time, some attend school and all carry the responsibility to live with integrity in their new neighborhood. We provide continual encouragement and support through:

  • Bible studies
  • Food assistance
  • Case management
  • Healthy living and recreational activities
  • Drug and alcohol free environment
  • Mental health/substance abuse counseling
  • Access to legal and dental services
  • Opportunities for intentional community building

Transitional housing is part of our homelessness initiative.

Do you have questions about transitional housing? Get in touch with us — 206.628.2008.


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