Medical rehab

Medical Rehab

Our medical rehab floor gives men the chance to make a full recovery from sickness and injury

Public funding for rehabilitation services is disappearing. But it's one of the most valuable services that the government provides . . . especially if you're poor or homeless.

Roger used to live in a tent in the woods. He had more protection from the elements than most. He thought he was safe.

One day disaster struck. A tree blew over and crushed him while he was sleeping. He would have died if 2 of his friends hadn't found him.

It took months of intentional care for him to recover. But now the opportunities for that kind of care are fading.

We've dedicated an entire floor of our downtown shelter to helping men like Roger.

How medical rehab works

We give men recovering from an illness or injury a place to stay while they are getting healthy. But they don't just receive a warm bed to sleep in, they also receive:

  • Assistance from volunteer registered nurses
  • Peace of mind
  • Spiritual support
  • Exposure to a community of men being transformed by God's love

Are you recovering from an injury or illness? Get in touch with Richard — 206.432.8370 or


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