Search & Rescue

Search & Rescue

Delivering life-saving essentials to our homeless neighbors 

11,643 of our neighbors in King County are homeless.

Every night, Search & Rescue vans drive into the darkest places to hand out life-saving supplies and care to men and women struggling on our streets.

Volunteers first ask our homeless neighbors if they would like to come into the Mission for a night of safe shelter. If they're not ready to take that first step they're given a warm blanket, food, water, and any other supplies that we have on hand that night.

We also offer prayer and a listening ear. Regular volunteers dare to reach their hands into darkness and build meaningful relationships with men and women who desperately need to be pulled into the light.

View upcoming Search & Rescue opportunies and sign up here.

Do you have questions? Get in touch with Darren — or 206.432.8358.

Morning Watch

Mobile Shower

Morning Watch serves downtown Seattle residents and businesses while helping our homeless neighbors. Weekdays from 5:00am-8:00am, volunteers arrive with coffee or cocoa and offer men and women a ride to our shelter for a warm breakfast.

Coming into the shelter allows our homeless neighbors to fill their empty stomachs. This basic need must be satisfied before someone can imagine a different life. God uses simple moments at the Mission to transform entire lives.

Do you know a homeless neighbor in downtown Seattle who needs help? Get in touch with Vince — 206.498.7913.

If you’re interested in volunteering, get in touch with Richard at

Mobile Shower

Mobile Shower

The Mission launched Seattle's first mobile shower in partnership with Amerigroup and The MORELove Project.

Homeless men and women are offered a 15 minute hot shower — including clean towels, shampoo, conditioner, and soap. The mobile shower serves approximately 30 people every week in Seattle.

"This is not to make homelessness long-term, but to stop and say we care about you, we haven't forgotten about you and we want to help you," says President Jeff Lilley.

Do you want to learn more? Get in touch with Ryan — 206.723.0767 x401 or


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